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Tarot Readings For Queer GirlsMay 2024

Published in the DIVA Magazine
"The author of Fragile Animals talks all about the powerful connection between tarot and queerness" "We breeze into The Craft Pottery, Glasgow, and the queer girls are drinking strawberry tea. There’s a clay smell in the air and crocheted Miffy sits at the till, waving us into the evening. Craft’s a place that lets you paint mugs, plates, fairy cottages, […]

Under the Spell TreeMay 2024

Published in the Skinny
"There's magic in the everyday – from the joy & perseverance of queer communities to a tree in the nearby park. Author Genevieve Jagger explores local magic and shared secrets in Glasgow's Southside"

Inside The CoffinMay 2024

by Julia Fisher & Genevieve Jagger
Inside The Coffin is a new audio fiction podcast created by Witch Craft Magazine. Each episode, hosts, Genevieve Jagger and Julia Fisher, dig up old poems and stories from eight previous issues of Witch Craft Magazine and reanimate them for your listening pleasure. Available on Spotify and Amazon Music

Fragile AnimalsApr 2024

By Genevieve Jagger
When an ex-catholic woman develops a sexual relationship with a vampire, she is forced to confront the memories that haunt her religious past.

RebirthJun 2023

Published by Body Fluids Lit Mag (Issue 3)
Where did she get such an ugly piece of lingerie? ‘She was staring at his Tarantino poster.’ Trigger warning: misogyny, description of flesh textures read now >>> about body fluids "bodyfluids is the brainworm of Alice M (@notveryalice on twitter). to see lists of our editors and contributors check out the dropdown menu above. bodyfluids […]

CockroachOct 2022

Published in Witch Craft Magazine Issue 8: Erotica
About Witch Craft Magazine "Witch Craft Magazine craves darkness, hunger, and the beautiful brutal. Feed your shadows to the hole." About Witch Craft Magazine Issue Eight "The long awaited erotica issue has finally come. with poetry, fiction, and art by Genevieve Jagger, Lucia Gallipoli, Crystal Odelle, Aeon Ginsberg, Seann Weir, Victoria Mbabazi, Robert Warf, Astrid […]