About Witch Craft Magazine

"Witch Craft Magazine craves darkness, hunger, and the beautiful brutal. Feed your shadows to the hole."

About Witch Craft Magazine Issue Eight

"The long awaited erotica issue has finally come. with poetry, fiction, and art by Genevieve Jagger, Lucia Gallipoli, Crystal Odelle, Aeon Ginsberg, Seann Weir, Victoria Mbabazi, Robert Warf, Astrid Bridgewood, Isaac Campos, Shane Kowalski, Travis Dahlke, Frankie BB, Kathryn Mayer, Kawai Shen, Michael Don, Selena Cotte, Max Restaino, Saga Savage, dagger, VOIDTHROAT, helga floros, Emily Raine Alford, Barbara Genova, Belicia Rhea, Kayla Jean, Harleen Seventy, Kristen Mitchel, David Kuhnlein, Shelby Hartness, Mack Brewer Gregg, Ariel Clark-Semyck, Charlene Elsby, David Roden, Courtney Bates-Hardy, OF Cieri, Raven Taylor, Luz Rosales, Stephanie Valente, Lucy Elizebeth Allan, and an interview with Kim Krizan and Marston Hefner."