Genevieve Jagger

Genevieve Jagger is a queer writer and witch from Scotland. She co-edits for Witch Craft Magazine where she is currently working to develop an emerging writer’s podcast titled Inside the Coffin. Genevieve works as a tarot reader, dealing fortunes across Glasgow as part of queer tarot duo, Two for Joy. Her favourite card at the moment is the Hermit.
Genevieve’s writing can be found across the web at such locations as, X-RAY Magazine, Expat Press, and Body Fluids Lit Mag. She was recently printed in Anxiety Press’ new anthology, Five Without Honour.
Genevieve was raised Catholic, which has deeply influenced the themes of her debut novel, Fragile Animals. She is a Scorpio, a sinner, and quite distinctly autistic. You can most often find her feeding magpies and crying over the smallness of all things.

Fragile Animals

When an ex-catholic woman develops a sexual relationship with a vampire, she is forced to confront the memories that haunt her religious past.

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